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Are You Tired of Your Leg Pain?


Teacher pointing to a student who is raising hand

You’ve Been Taking Care of Everybody Else…Now It’s Time to Take Care of Yourself

If you’re a teacher, social worker, law enforcement officer, health care professional, food attendant, or work in any of the caring professions, you care deeply and passionately about your community. What else do we know about you based on your profession? The odds are pretty good that you have persistent, unexplained leg pain.

People who spend a lot of time on their feet experience leg pain. Sometimes the legs swell. Sometimes there’s painful leg cramps, charley horses, or restless legs that keep you awake when you all you want to do is sleep.

The tough thing about persistent, unexplained leg pain is that nothing seems to help. You may feel like you’ve tried everything – staying hydrated, putting your feet up at the end of the day, going for a leg massage, taking over-the-counter remedies and herbal supplements– yet your legs still hurt. You may have even gone to one or more doctors seeking relief, only to strike out.

Women holding leg in pain

The Single Most Common Cause of Leg Pain is Often Overlooked by Physicians

If your legs hurt after a long day at work – or even more often than that – there are only three reasons why you’re experiencing this pain. Two of the three potential causes for leg pain include issues with the muscles or nerves. However, the third, and often most overlooked cause of leg pain, is poor circulation. For the vast majority of people – your blood circulation just isn’t everything it could be.

Finding out what’s really going on with your leg pain once and for all requires a simple, pain-free ultrasound exam. In just 20 minutes, you’ll find out if you’re a candidate for a simple outpatient procedure that will fix your leg pain problems quickly, completely, and permanently.