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Knee Pain


Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common complaint among adults and most often related to the general wear and tear from daily activities such as walking, standing, lifting or bending.

Knee Pain

Common Causes

Common knee problems are due to arthritis, sprained or strained ligaments, tears or tendinitis. However, many people are unaware that the blood flow to your knee may not be working as well as it used to.

Normally blood is pumped from our heart to the rest of our body. In our legs we need valves in our vessels to help recycle blood back to the heart and keep circulation flowing. However, over time those vessels can stretch and those valves can no longer work as efficient. As a result, blood and waste products begin to pool in our legs and that’s when we can start to develop the knee pain.

At Wellness and Surgery we can perform a quick 10 minute ultrasound to help us diagnose and treat you so you can live a healthier more active life free of knee pain.

We also are able to offer other diagnostic testing such as nerve and muscle testing for further assessment of what is going on.

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