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If you’ve ever experienced leg cramps, you know just how painful and debilitating they can be. Also known as a “charley horse,” leg cramps occur when a muscle in the calf suddenly contracts or tightens. This involuntary cramp can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes— during which it’s nearly impossible to think about anything but the pain.

Most leg cramps occur in the calf muscles, but cramps may occur anywhere in the leg— including the feet and thighs. Although they often strike at night, disrupting sleep, leg cramps can occur at any time of the day, leaving the affected leg feeling sore and tender for hours.


Leg Cramps & Vessel Insufficiency

Though excruciatingly painful, it’s important to note that leg cramps are not medically harmful. Regular cramping of the legs, however, is a common symptom of vessel insufficiency (VI). *link to VI pages, please

In healthy circulation, vessel deep within the leg work to circulate blood back to the heart. Waste products are then removed, and the now “clean” blood is replenished with oxygen and nutrients before returning to the legs.

vessel insufficiency (VI) occurs when the vessel in the legs have difficulty pushing blood back to the heart. The vessel walls eventually become weak, and vessel valves are damaged. This damage makes it possible for blood to leak or flow backward and stay in the vessel.

Chronic vessel insufficiency (CVI) can cause vessel stasis— a condition where the blood pools in the vessel. Pooled blood that’s carrying waste products is depleted of oxygen and essential nutrients, thus causing the legs to cramp.

In summary, chronic leg cramping is often a result of the body being unable to clean waste from blood that has pooled in the legs due to weak or damaged vessel.

Although vessel insufficiency often causes varicose veins and spider veins (link to page please), many patients with VI don’t experience these physical indicators. In fact, leg cramps are often the only symptom of vessel disease— if there are any symptoms at all. Other symptoms of vessel disease vary by patient and should be evaluated by a physician.


Treatment for Leg Cramps

Treating the underlying vessel disease or vessel insufficiency will stop the leg cramps and aching legs from occurring. At Wellness & Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Arad uses a variety of effective, minimally-invasive treatments to close off problematic vessel and address vessel insufficiency—thereby offering relief from leg cramps for good. Treatments include:

  • Vessel ablation
  • Sclerotherapy



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Are you suffering from frequent leg pain and cramping? Chronic cramping of the legs caused by vessel insufficiency can be incredibly difficult to live with. Fortunately, there is a cure.

The first step towards permanent relief from painful leg cramps is to receive a simple, non-invasive diagnostic Wellness Ultrasound, during which Dr. Arad will assess your vessel health. Should your Wellness Ultrasound find evidence of vessel insufficiency, you and Dr. Arad will take the necessary steps to restore your vessel health together.


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