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One Less Worry About Leg Pain—Safe and Painless Diagnostic Ultrasounds are Covered By Insurance.

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The cost of healthcare is one of the most important issues in the United States. Many people forsake even simple and painless medical procedures for fear that they can cost thousands of dollars. But rather than simply live with leg pain, you can get a diagnostic ultrasound without breaking the bank. The procedure is covered by insurance and can be the first step to a life free from leg pain.

Can You Afford A Diagnostic Ultrasound? Can You Afford Chronic Leg Pain?

If you are experiencing cramps in your legs, fatigue after standing for even short periods, or real leg pain, you may have been told that you need to grin and bear it. Leg pain can have many causes, and until the pain becomes too much, many physicians will just shrug and chalk it up to aging or general wear and tear.

You may be interested in a diagnostic ultrasound to determine whether the pain you’re experiencing is due to chronic venous insufficiency. Ultrasounds are painless, and take only twenty minutes in a safe and private office setting, but can you afford one?

The answer is yes!

Diagnostic Ultrasounds Are Covered by Insurance

Diagnostic ultrasounds for venous insufficiency—a leading cause of leg pain—are non-invasive, entirely safe, and extremely accurate. Because they are such a good diagnostic tool, ultrasounds are covered by most insurance polices, and by Medicare1.

If you are suffering from chronic venous insufficiency, a diagnostic ultrasound will discover it, and you can begin receiving pain-relieving treatment. Early diagnosis can also help your condition from degenerating into a possibly dangerous case of deep-vein thrombosis, treatment for which can get very expensive. A few dollars of insurance co-pay spent today can save you a lot of money, and pain, in the long run.

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