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Finding the Right Vein Treatment Center for You: Spider Vein Treatment in NY & NJ

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Spider veins. According to the American Heart Association, 80% of men and 85% of women in the U.S. have them. If you’re reading this, chances are, you suffer from unsightly spider veins, too.

Spider veins are small, damaged veins that appear on the surface of your skin. They look like tiny, stringy branches or webs and can appear blue, purple or red in color. Though usually harmless to one’s health, they can take a real toll on your self-esteem.

As such, spider vein treatment has increased in popularity in recent years— which means there are a lot of vein centers currently offering spider vein treatment in New York and New Jersey. So, how can you find the vein treatment center that’s best for you? Keep reading below!

How To Find The Right Vein Center For You

1. Research

The first step in finding the right New York or New Jersey vein treatment center for you is to locate a vein center run by a board-certified doctor who specializes in treating spider veins and has a proven track record of high-quality results with spider vein treatment. You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with his or her credentials to ensure peace of mind should you decide to go ahead and receive treatment.

2. Reviews

There are a lot of doctors in New York and New Jersey. When you think you’ve found your pick, ask around to see if friends or family members have any experience being treated by the doctor you’re considering. If not, look up the doctor’s name – as well as the name of the vein treatment center – online. Read some reviews from previous patients. This helps paint a picture of what your treatment experience may be like.

3. Insurance

Next, you’ll want to determine if the doctor/vein treatment center you’re interested in accepts your insurance. Contact them via their website or a phone call and ask them to provide a list of their accepted insurance providers.

4. Consultation

Finally, schedule a consultation! Consultations are a great way to test the waters and find out if the doctor and vein treatment center you’re considering is right for you. Arrive at your consultation prepared with a list of any questions or concerns you might have about going forward with treatment. This gives the doctor the opportunity to calm any fears or anxieties you may be experiencing about treatment— an interaction that’s important when determining whether or not your doctor-patient relationship is a good fit.

Wellness & Surgery: Your Destination for Spider Vein Treatment in NY & NJ

Wellness & Surgery is the top destination for spider vein treatment in New York and New Jersey. Our vein treatment center is run by Dr. Jonathan Arad— Dobbs Ferry Hospital’s Chief of Bariatric Surgery (learn more about Dr. Arad and his credentials here). As the founder of Wellness & Surgery, Dr. Arad has helped thousands of patients achieve healthier, happier lives free from spider veins at all four of his New York and New Jersey vein centers!

Ready to Get Started With Spider Vein Treatment? Schedule A Wellness Ultrasound Today!

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